Supernight is back after taking a year off!  Stay up all night at Air Insanity Trampoline Park, Bowlocity and the Rochester REC Center.  We do the driving once you get to Supernight.

The biggest change you’ll notice is we will not be at the Rochester Athletic Club since they decided to stop hosting all night events like Supernight. The other big change is that we’ve been able to add Air Insanity to the lineup as well as return to Bowlocity and the Rochester Rec Center.

Please be aware of some “Up Front” changes involving waivers to attend and the schedule (*see bottom of page for schedule).  Please read through all the following information carefully before ordering tickets.

DATE & TIME: Friday & Saturday March 8-9, begins 9:30 pm Friday ends 5:45 am Saturday.  Supernight is open to High School & Middle School Students (grades 6-12). Please bring Student ID or some form of ID to Registration.

TICKET PRICES & INFORMATION: Tickets are Transferable, but NOT Refundable!  Click here to order tickets online Ticket Sales are limited to 450 people! $35 Students – $20 Adult Group Leaders – $45 Student Tickets at the door, if available (student tickets purchased at the door will still need signed consent forms/waivers.)  There is an additional processing fee for tickets purchased online.

PARENTAL CONSENT FORMS: The following consent form/waivers must be signed by parents and brought with the attendee to Supernight 2019!  Including tickets purchased at the event.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

  1. Teen Hope Ministries – Parental Consent Form-THM – Supernight 2019 Parental Concent & Release of Liability form
  2. Air Insanity waiver

Extra Fees NOT included in Ticket: Ice Skate Rental – $2, Laser Tag – $5 per game, Special Socks worn at Air Insanity – $2.50, Concessions will be available at most facilities for extra fees

How to Purchase Tickets: 1.) Purchase online at: (there is an additional processing fee for tickets purchased online) or 2.) Purchase by mail:  Download the Supernight 2019 Ticket Order form – Supernight 2019 Ticket Order Form, fill it out and send a check for the full amount to:

Teen Hope Ministries – PO Box 1164 – Rochester, MN – 55903

Anyone needing to leave Supernight earlier than 5:30am must contact our office ahead of time.  Students will not be able to leave early without parental permission!

If would like additional information click: More Information about Supernight

For questions, call our office at 507-288-4567 or email us: [email protected]


Another season of Gospel Choir is upon us! Rehearsals will start Monday night Feb 4th from 7 to 9p. There’s no need to pre-register for anything, we’ll take care of that when we see you!

The basics of what you need to know: Rehearsals on Monday nights from 7p to 9p at Hope Summit Church, 1315 SE 6th AVE In Rochester. This is the same place we have met the last few years. Enter the building from the West Parking Lot.  We will meet every Monday night in Feb, March & April, , Except for March 18th!  We will perform afternoon and evening concerts on either Sunday May 5th or Sunday May 12th. One in Rochester & the other in Stewartville.  We will decide which date by the end of February.  Students in 8th Grade thru HS Seniors are welcome!

Our rehearsal schedule includes 12 Mondays…we hope you can make them all but we realize that might not be possible with your schedules, so please come when you can. We expect you to attend at least 7 to 9 of the rehearsals. If you’re a Spring Sport participant, come early and often so it’s not a big deal when you have to miss a rehearsal or two because of games/meets.

Teen Gospel Choir is open to to students in 8th Grade thru High School Seniors from any school (Public, Private & Home) in our region. There are NO auditions to be in the group but you’d be expected to audition for Solo’s in specific songs. The only cost to be part of the group is your time and $12 for a concert T-shirt.

Mr. Nick Johnson is back as Director. He is the HS Choir Director at Stewartville, has Directed for SE MN Honors Choir and is a close, personal friend of Billy Joel!

We’re excited for another year, and we hope you are too! Actually, we hope you’re so excited that you’ll spend the next 2-3 weeks inviting your friends to join us!

If a friend says, “I’m not a good singer!” You say, “Perfect, this is the place for you!”

They say, “I can’t make every rehearsal!” You say, “This is still the place for you!”

They say “I don’t have $ for a shirt!” You say, “That’s OK, Gary will pay for it!”

They say “I won’t be able to be at the concert!” You say, “Super, come have fun with other teens and be encouraged!”

Whatever the question or concern just say “Try it for a few weeks…and then decide!”

Let me know what other questions you have! See you in a few weeks!

Call Gary at (507) 288-4567 or email him at [email protected]

Here’s information to help answer some of the common questions people have about Supernight.  We hope this information is helpful and we look forward to seeing you at Supernight!

Please remember, Tickets are transferrable but not refundable – Adult Tickets must be used for Adult Leaders only.

Everyone needs to start at the Rochester Rec Center!  This is where you will be taken at the end of the event as well.  Do not plan to park at the registration site because you will not be dropped off there at the end of the event!! 

Here’s a look at our tentative Supernight Schedule:

  • 9:30-10pm Arrive at Rec Center and be bussed to our Registration Site.  Registration is where you and your friends can sign up for time slots at Bowlocity and Air Insanity (First come, first served)
  • 10:45pm Food (Pizza, Tacos, Subs, Pop) & Program at registration site
  • 11:30pm Load Busses
  • 11:45pm Busses Depart
  • 5:45am Everybody returns to Rec Center & can leave or be picked up

Time Slots for Bowlocity and Air Insanity: When you sign up for a time slot, you will be given a  specific wrist band(s) and/or token(s) that indicate your chosen time – #1 12:00am to 1:10am, #2 1:25am to 2:40am, #3 2:55am to 4:10am, #4 4:20am to 5:30am

We can accommodate 450 people at Supernight.  At any one time, Bowlocity & Air Insanity can each only hold 125 people.  How does that affect you?  It means you will have at least one opportunity, if you choose, to jump at Air Insanity and be at Bowlocity.  We want everyone to have a chance to spend time at Air Insanity and Bowlocity so we need to limit your time in those places to about 70 minutes.  When your time is up we will take you back to the Rec Center.  You may have a chance to get back to those places a second time but you’ll be encouraged to plan your time at Supernight by signing up for a specific time slot at Bowlocity and Air Insanity.  While there is limited space for Basketball and Volleyball we’re trying to add gym space for Supernight.  Concessions will be available at most facilities (extra cost-you pay).

We have shuttle busses that run all night taking people from place to place.  Everybody is brought back to the Rec Center between 5:30am and 5:45am.  You are then free to leave.  We do not hold a closing program.  If you came with a few friends and your ride comes, you can just leave.  If you came with a group make sure everyone is together and then you can leave.

Teen Hope Ministries has volunteer staff at every facility.  We do our best to make sure everyone has a safe and fun night.  Sometimes though, accidents happen.  Those are risks you assume when attending Supernight.  Teen Hope Ministries is not responsible for lost or stolen items or accidents that may result in injury.  By attending Supernight you agree that your likeness (picture) and/or words can be used in Teen Hope Ministries publications and materials.  Your name will not be used in such manner unless parental permission is obtained.  Please remember, you are responsible to keep an eye on your stuff – especially valuable stuff!!

I have my ticket(s)! Now What?

Please fill out the ticket information very neatly and completely before arriving at the registration site, this will save you a lot of time!

Take another look at your ticket and follow the instructions of where we will start.  If you’ll be coming late or needing to leave early, you must contact us ahead of time.

Make sure you have the Teen Hope Ministries Parental Consent form printed and signed by a parent.  Make sure you have the Air Insanity waiver printed & signed by a parent as well.  You need to bring the ticket, both signed waivers and your student ID with you to the Registration site.

A signed Air Insanity Waiver is required to jump! For those under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver.  Please have the waiver signed before coming to Supernight!  You will not be able to sign up for Air Insanity time slot without the signed waiver.  Go to: 

We’ll accomplish our mission through programs including:

  • Teen Gospel Choir
  • Radio Program (Sunday mornings 7a – 10a on 106.9 KROC-FM)
  • Campus Impact Ministry (Spending lunchtimes with kids at 5 High Schools and 2 Middle Schools)
  • Bible Quizzing
  • Supernight and other events

Our ministry is modeled after these Core Principles:

  • Prayer – Engaging many Christians to intercede on behalf of young people.
  • Loving Relationships – Consistently pursuing lost kids, going where they are, building personal relationships with them and introducing them to a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Faithful Bible Teaching – Helping young people understand and apply Biblical Truth in their lives.
  • Leaders who Empower – Strategically develop leaders to reach young people from every people group.

As a young person becomes a lifelong follower of Jesus Christ, we encourage them to become part of the local church, live a godly lifestyle, be devoted to the Word of God and prayer, be passionate in sharing the love of Christ and committed to social involvement.