Teen Hope Ministries Mission:
Serving Rochester Minnesota and Surrounding Areas
To reach young people everywhere, working together with like-minded partners and the local church to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

What's in a name?

Teen Hope Ministries, (formerly known as Rochester Area Youth for Christ) was formed in 2018 so we could continue sharing the hope of the gospel message with teens in our region. Our 37 years of ministry to young people - Radio, Campus Impact Ministry, Bible Quizzing and our Teen Gospel Choir - remains the same. Just the name has changed.

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Teen Gospel Choir
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Cultivate Youth Ministry
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A Word from Gary, our Director

The generous support of hundreds of friends has fueled our ability to share the gospel with teens. If you’re an adult, I’d love to talk about opportunities for you to join our movement. I’m searching for Board members to help lead and shape the ministry, ministry volunteers and more people to come along side us to financially support the ministry. Or maybe you know someone I should talk to. With only 20% of teens having some connection with a church, there is much work to be done.

If you’re a teen who has questions about God, your purpose in life or you have something else on your mind, let’s talk! Email me or call our office at 507-288-4567.

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