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Learn about area events and how you can help support Teen Hope by participating in our Annual Summer Fruit Sales

Our 18th Annual Fundraising Fruit Sale is underway! (With a few changes)

Two things are affecting this year’s sale – Weather and Covid – here’s how:

  • We’re back to just one pickup location in North Rochester so we can continue our prepaid, drive thru option. This way you just need to give us your name, we’ll load you up and you’ll be on your way without having to leave your vehicle.
  • We are separating the Georgia & Colorado Sales from an ordering standpoint. If you want both Georgia and Colorado fruit you’ll just need to place 2 orders instead of one.
  • Colorado had freezing temps in April, while trees were blossoming. That’s not a good combination. We’ve been told we will only be able to order about half the fruit we received last year.

Since we don’t know the exact number of Colorado fruit boxes we will be able to get this summer we will not accept any Colorado orders until July 6th. That allows the crop to develop in the month of June and lets us know more details before you start ordering.

Here’s our plan:

Ordering is underway now for Georgia Peaches & Pecans. We expect the fruit to arrive either July 9 or 10. You’ll need to prepay when you order. The ordering deadline for Georgia peaches is July 1st.

We’re excited to announce a second option for Georgia Peaches. You can order the popular
25 lb. volume fill box or, new this year, a 15 lb. single layer tray box of peaches. We think it’s a great option for those wanting a smaller box of delicious Georgia peaches. You’ll find pricing information on the store page.

What I appreciate about the Georgia fruit we get is I know where my peaches have been. They are picked “Firm Ripe” about 6 days before they arrive in Rochester. They go from the tree, to the packing warehouse, into refrigeration and on to the truck that brings them to us. We transfer the fruit into the refrigerated truck we bring on site in North Rochester and wait for you to come pick it up. Your Georgia peaches need time to ripen so once you get them they should stay out of the refrigerator until they reach your preferred ripeness, then put them in the fridge. We trust our grower and stand behind the quality.

This fruit sale is an important fundraiser for our ministry, even more so this year as giving has dropped because of the economic uncertainty we’re in right now. Your order helps us reach kids with a message of hope and encouragement. We ask that your share our sale information with anyone who will listen. Copy an order form, use your social media to send people to our website or call a friend a split a box. Hope to see you this summer!


Gary Kadansky
Executive Director

Ordering is easy!  You may order online: CLICK HERE – to go to our online store and place your order.  There is a small processing fee for online orders.

To complete a purchase you need a login & password.  If you have made any purchase through our online store before you have already created an account with a login & password.  That is the one you should use.  If you have forgotten the password, type in your email, you will be sent instructions to create a new password.

If you don’t have a login & password you will need to create one before you can complete the order in the online store.  Simply follow the instructions, filling in the information.  Remember to write down the login & password so you can use it in the future.

To pay by check, Simply print the downloadable order form  2020 Georgia Fruit Sale Order Form – PDF and send it in with your payment.

Mail it to: Teen Hope Ministries,  PO Box 1164, Rochester, MN 55903

Yes, our Teen Gospel Choir season has been interrupted by Coronavirus, but we’re looking to make the best of the situation by launching a new adventure. We are attempting our first ever Virtual Choir! VC’s are not a new thing, but they are for us. Until the time comes that we can meet together we invite teens to become part of our choir “virtually”. Email [email protected] and we will send information to you!